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A Leading Engineering Company providing multiple Engineering solutions, services and products ranging from Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Wind Energy , Power, Railways to General Engineering is looking for a suitable candidates who can add value to the organization.


Production Management:

  1. Develop and implement production plans and strategies to meet production targets
    and customer requirements.
  2. Optimize the allocation of resources, including machines, manpower, and materials,
    to ensure efficient production processes.
  3. Monitor production schedules and ensure timely completion of orders while
    maintaining quality standards.
  4. Collaborate with the engineering team to optimize machining programs and improve
    production efficiency.
  5. Implement lean manufacturing principles to minimize waste and improve overall

Quality Control and Assurance:

  1. Establish and maintain quality control procedures to ensure that products meet or
    exceed customer specifications.
  2. Implement and oversee quality inspection processes to ensure adherence to quality
  3. Conduct regular audits to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective
  4. Work closely with the quality control team to develop and maintain quality
    documentation and records.
  5. Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance product quality and reduce

Supply Chain and Vendor Management:

  1. Collaborate with vendors to improve quality, reduce lead times, and optimize costs.
  2. Coordinate with the procurement team to ensure timely and cost-effective
    procurement of materials and supplies.
  3. Manage inventory levels to minimize stock outs and excess inventory.

Equipment Maintenance and Optimization:

  1. Coordinate with the maintenance team to schedule and prioritize equipment repairs
    and maintenance activities.
  2. Identify opportunities for equipment upgrades and optimization to improve
    productivity and efficiency.
  3. Stay updated with the latest advancements in CNC technology and recommend
    investments in new equipment as needed.

Team Management and Development:

  1. Provide leadership and guidance to the production team, including machine operators,
    programmers, and technicians.
  2. Set performance objectives and provide regular feedback to team members to enhance
    their skills and performance.
  3. Foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning within the
    production department.
  4. Conduct training sessions and workshops to develop the technical skills of the team.
  5. Ensure a safe working environment and compliance with safety regulations.

Customer Interaction and Relationship Management:

  1. Serve as a primary point of contact for customers, addressing inquiries, resolving
    issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  2. Collaborate with the sales team to understand customer requirements and provide
    technical expertise and support.
  3. Manage customer orders and communicate production status, delivery timelines, and
    any potential delays.
  4. Conduct regular customer reviews to assess performance and identify opportunities
    for improvement.
  5. Proactively seek feedback from customers to enhance service quality and build long-
    term relationships.


  1. Generate regular reports on production metrics, including output, efficiency, quality,
    and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  2. Analyse data and trends to identify areas for improvement and develop action plans
  3. Prepare and present reports to senior management, highlighting operational
    performance, challenges, and proposed solutions.

Team Leadership:

  1. Provide strong leadership and guidance to the production team, fostering a positive
    and collaborative work environment.
  2. Set clear expectations, objectives, and performance targets for team members and
    provide regular feedback on their performance.
  3. Delegate tasks effectively, considering individual strengths and development
  4. Foster a culture of continuous learning, professional growth, and accountability within
    the team.


  1. Develop and implement the overall strategic direction for the CNC machine shop in
    alignment with the organization’s goals and objectives.
  2. Drive a culture of operational excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation
    throughout the organization.
  3. Stay updated with industry trends, new technologies, and best practices to enhance
    operational efficiency and competitiveness.
  4. Lead by example, demonstrating integrity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic.
  5. Collaborate with other departments and senior management to ensure cross-functional
    alignment and effective communication.

Qualification and Skills:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field (preferred) or equivalent work
  2. Proven experience in operations management within a CNC machine shop or similar
    manufacturing environment.
  3. In-depth knowledge of CNC machining processes, programming, and tooling.
  4. Strong understanding of quality control and assurance principles and techniques.
  5. Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to analyze data and make data-driven
  6. Demonstrated leadership abilities and experience in managing and motivating a team.
  7. Exceptional organizational and time management skills, with the ability to handle
    multiple priorities and meet deadlines.
  8. Effective communication and interpersonal skills to interact with team members,
    vendors, and customers.

Work Location : Yeshwanthpur / Dobbaspet

CTC : 10.0 -12.0 LPA

Interested candidates please call us on 9035007003 / 9845264304/9035302302 or Email resume to :

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