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A leading Bangalore Corporate house with manufacturing, marketing set up need UNIT HEAD for Hassan

Unit Head-Hassan

Job Overview:     The Unit Head role involves complete production activity related to natural extract, nutritional and specialty chemicals with expertise in multiple product handling

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Align the Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly Sales plans & Production plans and ensure timely dispatches.
  • Ensure safe working at all sections of the site and maintain the accident free status of the site. For the same ensure that the daily, weekly & monthly walk through and other procedures are in place.
  • Preparation of the revenue budget by considering all necessities and production plans and sticking to the budgeted expenses in every month / quarter.
  • Conducting daily meetings of all the HOD’s of the site to understand the day today issues and providing solutions in time, considering the best interest of the organization.
  • Maintaining the site any time auditable & ensure no repeated Critical or Major observations during Audits.
  • Ensure GMP & GLP practices at site and appropriate punishment to the offenders.
  • Control & Minimize the rejections / non- moving assets by timely actions.
  • Interact with the visiting Govt. officials (if necessary) from various departments like KSPCB / CPCB, DISH, Excise, KIADB, Labor commissioner’s office etc.  & convincing them the compliance status of the site to avoid any hiccups for the operation of the site.
  • Interact with local bodies like CETP, Gram Panchayat etc. & convincing them the compliance status of the site to avoid any hiccups for the operation of the site and maintain the good name and relations.
  • Maintain the relation with local public leaders & NGO’s (as and when they visit the site) and maintain a peaceful relationship keeping the best interest of the organization.
  • Controlling and storage of the Scrap / Spent solvent / waste etc & disposal of the same from the site and ensuring proper invoices for the same in time by involving MMCSS.
  • Do the work order approvals in time. (Before doing the same you have to ensure the necessity of the proposed work)
  • Approvals of the vendor bills after verification of the work completion & rates.
  • Approvals of the cash bills of the site after verification of the local purchases & rates.
  • Control the cash handling of the site & ensuring the cash availability at site for the monthly / quarterly payments.
  • Do follow up with concerned departments, like Finance, Accounts, Marketing, Purchase, Outsourcing, QA, Corporate HR etc. as and when your interference is required.
  • Always be on top of issues (eg:- ETP, Maintenance, RM availability , Quality etc.) which have potential to affect the production / sales target of the site.
  • Ensure timely renewals of licenses / legal requirements (Attached in Annexure) to ensure trouble free operation of the site.
  • Daily monitoring of consumption of Electricity, Fuel, Water, Contract Labour, OT etc. which are the major factors affecting the Operational Expenses.
  • Ensuring Disposal of Hazardous waste from the site in time as per the directions of PCB.
  • Daily & monthly monitoring of Yield of the products & consumption norms of Raw materials and solvents (Yield & Usage variance) to control the manufacturing cost.
  • Understanding of the issues of all sections of the employees and making remedies for their grievances within the frame work of organization’s interest.
  • Reporting to the higher management about all site activities and any development needs.
  • Ensure good HR practices at the site.
  • To establish, implement and manage the required, written hazard analysis and Food Safety Plans (FSP) for all products processed and manufactured.
  • Understanding the risks of the ingredients and their manufacturing process to write and implement the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) FSP to ensure the manufacturing of safe food products.
  • Understanding the Preventive Control(s) rules.
  • Preparation of the FSP, validation of the preventive controls, review of records and reanalysis of the FSP every three years, or as necessary.


Educational level:    B.E/B. Tech (Chemistry)

                        B. Pharma or MSc (Chemistry)

Work Experience:    10-15 years in bulk industry 

                       USFDA audit experience

Location                        :    HASSAN

Remuneration                :   In the range of 32 Lakhs- 36 lakhs

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